ataribox: Something old, something new?

The ataribox

My first videogame console was an Atari 2600 (I stil have it in a box in my basement). It seems with their new "ataribox" Atari would like me to somehow relive those days. I think. I say I think because they haven't really told us much about what this thing actually does.

It looks like the old 2600 in style (mius the cartridge slot). It makes me think that this will be somthing along the lines of the NES Classic. An offical way to get your hands on your favorite old games and revive your clildhood days on your fancy new TV. I did enjoy playng Adventure growing up, but I think there's a reason my 2600 is in a box in my basement.

I have great concerns for what games it would come with as well. Many of people's favorites were actually third party games (yes Activision I'm looking at you) so how would they address that?

Besides what games would be on it, nothing has been said about how much it will cost, or when it is set to come out. Although there has been some hinting at crowdfunding and a kickstarter campaign which has be extra worried but you gotta remember this is not the Atari that brought us the original 2600 back in the day.

So I guess we'll just have to wait and see. Below is their "teaser video" as you can see, it doesn;t tell you a whole lot.