Big Mouth - A REAL coming of age story.

Lots of movies and TV show talk about being ‘coming of age” stories.  In those “adventures” however what we get is an adolescent of some kind making a mental leap from being a child to becoming an adult because of some situation they may or may not have had control over. Not the case with Big Mouth. It is the tale of several kids forced into a adulthood because their bodies have said it’s that time.

The show is full of crude humor and profanity, just as a kid’s life would be at that time. The kids who are forced into bodily change are actually visited by a character known as the hormone monster. This creature influences them to do things and act in ways that break their normal choices. We are taken through all the trials and tribulations of any kid going through those issues; dates, school events, the monthly visitor, and of course friends who are not going through the same things not understanding what is going on, or why their friends are acting so different.

Honestly the only thing that was odd for me is that the one place the main character goes for advice is to the Ghost of Duke Ellington who, for some reason, lives in his attic. This was used to move some story plots along several times, but seemed a bit out of place in the rest of the plotlines.

Overall this is a fun animated comedy that will make you relive a part of your childhood and find humor in it whether you actually enjoyed that part of your life or not. It’s actually too bad that it’s so crude because I think that some younger kids might actually be able to learn some things about what’s going on with them if they watched this show.

Worth watching: 
Entertaining and will bring back both good and bad memories of puberty. If you don’t like crude humor, this is not for you.