The Dark Tower will not be the books brought to life


If were hoping to head out to the theater and see Stephen King's magnum opus brought to life for you to enjoy (and possible pick apart) well think again. The Dark Tower film is NOT the books brought to life, it's more of a sequel to them.

Don't believe me? It all is proven by this tweet. Don't know what that means? Well, if you've never read the books, stop right here if you plan to and don't want them ruined. Seriously huge SPOILER ALERT do not continue if you have not read the books.

OK, you were warned. You see, in the seventh book "The Dark Tower" the main character discovers that he has been caught in a loop. Going on the same journey, through the tale of the books again and again. However, now that Roland, the main character, has the Horn of Eld referenced in Stephen King's tweet it is believed that this time will be different. In other words, the movie.

So, the film picks up where the books left off. As a long time fan of the series I wonder what will be included and what will be left out of this journey. The book told us Roland has no memories of his previous journey so only the Horn of Eld should really effect how the story changes.

Because it's starting at the "beginning" of the story, I do wonder if someone will need to have read the books to understand the film. I think the filmmakers will do their best to make a movie that anyone can just jump in and enjoy but as someone who has not only read all 8, yes eight Dark Tower books, plus the comic books, and played the game. I can say that if you don't plan on reading the books, I really think you'll have a hard time seeing this movie. 

I'll give it a proper review and let you know after it hits theaters.

THE DARK TOWER - Official Trailer