Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider - Gameplay Trailer Released

Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider

I love the Dishonored games. Part of why is because I very much enjoy stealth games and this has been a series that has actually let you play completely stealth if you so choose to. In fact I have the Trophies for no kills in both games.

This third title looks like it could have been DLC for Dishonored 2 as it stars Billie Lurk from that title. However Bethesda is offering the game as a standalone which will be an interesting place for people to start off if they are new to the series.

While I like the idea of trying to uncover the mystery of the Outsider and his origins, I am concerned that my ultimate goal is to kill him. I love the Dishonored series and if I remove the character that doles out the powers how can I get more of one of my favorite series of games?

On the plus side the current estimated ship date is September 15th, 2017 so there isn’t much of a wait to return to Dunwall once again.