Facebook will now be making TV


You shouldn’t have to leave Facebook and go to YouTube or your actual television (does everyone even remember what those are?) to watch good video. That must have been the thinking behind Watch, the new platform for shows on Facebook.

It seems like Watch will be kind of like YouTube Red. Produced and live shows, broken up into episodes. You will be able to subscribe to these shows and share them with friends just like anything else you come across on Facebook. Also just like anything else on Facebook, all of your viewing will be analyzed in order to suggest new shows and content to you as well.

Just like YouTube you will be able to comment on the shows and give feedback as well as chat with others while a live show is happening. Also just like YouTube it seems that Watch is looking for creators and publishers to generate content for them. So it won’t be all Facebook made as some were speculating when this was first rumbled about. This makes me wonder how Facebook will compensate content creators compared to YouTube, especially after the great admageddon that just recently happened.

Unlike YouTube however Facebook is making people go here and “apply” for a show instead of just letting them roll out their content.

This is something we’ll have to keep an eye on.

Click the video below to check it out.