Fall guys Ultimate Knockout - Is it worth knocking out a chunk of your day to play this game?

Fall guys Ultimate Knockout is a new twist on the player-versus-player style game that has become really been popular across the masses for the past couple years.

The Basics

Like many other popular games of that style here are a ton of customizations to unlock or of course buy, depending on whether or not you are into micro transactions, but the progress and unlockables are more of a Fortnite style, meaning that they are all pretty much cosmetic and don’t actually give you any advantage while playing the game. Actually, let me take that back, unlike titles like Fortnite where you don’t really need any customization at all, it’s more for personal preference or to show off to your fellow gamer, in this game it can actually be helpful, because those customizations will assist you in finding yourself in the masses.

As of writing this there are 11 “rounds” available to play. Those rounds are randomly presented to you and within fifteen to thiry minutes it is possible to experience them all, but true game length will really be as long as you choose to make it. It’s online multiplayer so how long you play and how much you try to unlock is up to you. It is however divided up into seasons that have limits to the number of days each season lasts.

Oddly enough, there seems to actually be some story to this. It seems you are a competitor on a game show, and you earn fame by appearing on episodes of that show, you then exchange that fame for prizes. Weird but not that far off from real life.

The game itself is very easy to play, one sick to move you, the other to move the camera and the use of 3 buttons. One to jump, one to dive and one to grab. I will say taking advantage of that grab can often be very helpful to you and be very irritating to your competitors.

Look and sound overall has a very cartoony feel with upbeat music to keep you on pace with the fast action in each round.

On the Plus Side

  • Fun variety
  • Different type of play
  • Do not need to be a "gamer" to enjoy

The Negatives

  • Often feel you have little control over the situation
  • "Team" events can be very frustrating

I’d say as far as fun it is really just an enjoyable distraction on the side. It’s easier to pick up and play with the less intense gameplay than a Fortnite or a Battlegrounds and honestly a lot less stressful. I think that’s because while in other multiplayer games you feel the need to win, this seems more chill and just roll with whatever comes along. Part of that comes from the fact that your fellow players aren’t directly out to get you, and you are often forced to work together in certain rounds. I mean even in something like Hearthstone you are head to head. This game makes it feel less like survival of the fittest  and more like goofy a platformer where the game Is out to get you, you’re just happen to be playing it with a whole bunch of others who also happen to be trying to win. My only big issue is that unlike many other battle royale titles out there, this title is not only full of micro transactions but it is also not free to play. With the current amount of content and the fact that I will only play it for about twenty minutes at a time, if that, I’m not sure it’s worth the twenty bucks they are asking for.

Was it fun?: 
An interesting cutesy battle royal style game that has the ability to frustrate and entertain you at the same time.