Friday the 13th - Jason brought to life

Friday the 13th

Thanks to a handful of game developers and a good number of Kickstarter backers the Friday the 13th films have come to life in video game form.

I have to say that I play this game on my PS4. I know that the PC players have a few more issues than the consolers, and that the Xboxers have a whole lot more issues than the PS4 players (they waited a long time for a patch and seem to be doing better now though). So now that all of that is out of the way…..

The Basics

An asymmetrical multi-player game, Friday the 13th pits seven camp counselors up against the notorious Jason Voorhees.

Unlike Dead by Daylight where the survivors are simply scrambling to stay away from the killer and get away by fixing generators, the counselors in this game have a few more options.

In every map (sadly there are only three, one of the game’s downfalls at the moment) there are always multiple ways you can survive. You can fix a car or a boat and get away. Fix a phone and call the police and wait for them to come to your rescue (they won’t actually enter the map, you need to go to them). If you are stealthy enough you can actually just wait things out and survive. There are plenty of places to hide and some counselors can more easily avoid Jason’s grasp (each match maxes out at twenty minutes).

If you are the evil Jason Voorhees the odds are much more in your favor however. You start with just one special ability but as time progresses your arsenal automatically grows. Eventually you’ll be able to do things like hide from sight, warp across the map, and detect where the counselors are. No one is safe from you.

However Jason is not completely unstoppable. I will not spoil things but a group of counselors working well together can actually bring the big man down. It’s far from easy, but it can be done.

On the Plus Side

  • Multiple ways to escape
  • Classic music and sounds from the films
  • Ability to play as multiple versions of Jason Voorhees from the films

The Negatives

  • Very few maps
  • Balance is a bit off
  • When players don’t take advantage of the in game communication it can be frustrating

I have to say that Friday the 13th makes for a very enjoyable pick it up play for a bit put it down and easily walk away experience for me.

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No rating
Was it fun?: 
Not a very deep game but can be a ton fun in short spurts. Biggest problem right now is the lack of maps (they say there are more on the way).