I'm more than ready for Ready Player One

The release of the Ready Player One trailer got me so excited that I am currently rereading the book; and honestly the fact that Spielberg is involved just adds to my excitement. There are lots of great things going on in the trailer and I can say that as I am rereading the book, it seems that a number of things are staying faithful, while others are getting a bit pumped up for film.

There's the car chase that's new and the Joust scene looks a bit more intense than what happens in the book (but I guess things had to be pumped up a bit). The sixers actually come off even more evil the way they are being portrayed if you ask me.

The official website ( readyplayeronemovie.com ) has already got  a scoreboard up, and if you look at the links they are partnered up with Vive (a VR product company) so I assume VR gaming of some sort is on deck in some way.

There was also a QR code hidden in the teaser (I've posted a pic of it below). That code takes you to jointhequest.io The site is pretty static right now (and i had a look at the source code and couldn't find anything either) but my guess is that a movie based on a book about an online contest full of cool things to solve will have some interesting websites to go with it. The fact that this one seems to be supported by the villainous company in the book doesn't hurt my level of excitement either.

Unfortunately, not everyone is as excited as I am. A lot of people have taken to social media and posted about how upset they are that it seems this movie will rely too heavily on other people's works. That makes me think these people didn't read the book and have no understanding of the plot or the contest that is going on in it. It does make me wonder how the licensing rights to everything will work. I mean in the book characters must reenact an entire film. I don't see a movie within a movie happening here. 

I await my chance to enter the OASIS