Just Cause 3 - Abandon Ship

Just Cause 3 is on the free list for Playstation 4 owners this month so I went back to it to relive the fun of flying in my flight suit, teathering things together and making them smash into one another, and generally hahing fun causing chaos.

However, when I turned it on I remembered why I put in down. Abandon Ship. The mission that killed the game for me. I would play only enough story to unlock the skills and areas I needed to then once again explore the area and cause trouble once again, this mission however put a stop to all of that. It is a kind of double babysit. Don't let the EMP get blown up and don;t let Mario get killed. I HATE escort missions so that was strike one. Strike two was the fact that Mario is kind of dumb when it comes to interacting with the enemies. The third strike was the fact that when it seemed I was at the end Mario would still find a way to get killed.

Well I did beat this mission (although with a couple restarts) and since I started this site I captured it for you. I may do the same for more missions if the feedback is poisitve.

Be kind I don't have the reflexes of my younger self anymore...