Nailed It! Having Tons of Fun with Failure

Nailed It

The base concept of the show is like any other food competition, multiple rounds where contestants create culinary greatness to win money. There are ways to win advantages over one another from round to round and there is commentary from the judges as you watch the bakers create their entries. The difference here is, these people are not professionals and they are being asked to perform tasks well beyond their skill sets in time frames that would be difficult for a master baker.

Every round consists of the contestants being given a confectionary masterpiece that they are to recreate to the best of their abilities. Trouble is their abilities are pretty lacking. Just like other baking shows, they have a full pantry available to them and all the tools needed to make their recreation. As a bonus they also have a tablet at their station with a recipe and full instructions, which it seems would make things easier, but alas for many, just makes things more confusing, it does however add to the humor.

At the end of each round the original item is displayed against the contestant’s creation as they exclaim “Nailed It!” which almost always they have not. However unlike other baking competitions, contestants on this show seem to roll with their errors as the judge’s point out the flaws, but also get impressed by the things they were able to do.

After the final round a prize of $10,000 dollars is awarded (not bad for not really being able to bake) along with a troubling looking trophy (its broken and drooping just like the entries into the contest).

The show is hosted by comedian Nicole Byer and has a constant judge on every episode chocolatier named Jacques Torres. Thing is unlike when he appears on other food shows, on Nailed It! He actually brings some comedy to the table. A third judge rotates in as well changing up every episode.

The best thing about the show is that it doesn’t take itself too seriously, the contestants don’t get too upset, the judges aren’t mean and everything is both funny and fun. It is really just a good time. Honestly it was hard for me not to just sit and watch them all at once.

Worth watching: 
A comedy baking show with bakers that can’t actually bake; a good watch for a good laugh.