Night of the Consumers – Should You Spend Your Free Time Working When You’re Not Working?

Night of the Consumers

I avoided this game for quite a while because I normally play games when I’m not at work and this one seemed a little too spot on for the retail experience.

The Basics

This is not a long game. In fact I got to the end in about half an hour. I think that’s because I have actually worked in retail and set my boxes up in the isles they belonged in before I started stocking shelves.

There is a story, but it isn’t involved or exciting, although there does seem to be a co-worker missing and some things to discover about them.

The game plays smooth most of the time. I only had issues when jumped by a customer, but that might be on purpose. I did also have problems stocking the lower corners of shelves and if I right clicked while stocking shelves I would glitch out.

The music is creepy and the voices of the customers are disturbing but again I believe that is intentional. Video is reminiscent of a game from the late 1980s.

On the Plus Side

  • If you really love retail this is spo on
  • Short and sweet title
  • If you are tired of all games being the same, this is very different

The Negatives

  • If you work in retail and hate your job, this is more of the same
  • The graphics are not great
  • Can glitch out

If you like stress and pressure then you will find this game fun. If you work in retail and you love your job, you will find this game fun. Other than that, I’m not sure.

Was it fun?: 
Even if you’re not sure how fun it will be for you, it’s a different kind of idea that strays far from the usual formula. I’m sure it won’t be like most of the titles in your library.