The Outer Worlds – Should You Play Fallout in Space?

Take the big things there are to love about a Fallout game, now throw them into an outer space environment, see what you’ve got now? That’s The Outer Worlds.

The Basics

Story wise the basics are easy, a scientist revives you from hibernation and asks for your help in saving everyone else left on your abandoned ship. You get dropped into a world run by corporations to the point that it has consumed people’s lives. Jingles and slogans don’t just surround you, they are part of the everyday nomenclature.

That’s where easy ends however. Not because gameplay gets hard, but because where you take it from there is completely up to you. Although levels are not very large, open world is very much a thing as far as what you do. There is plenty of story to be had. A long main quest, a number of side missions, and several companions to pick up with their own little tales to tell, if you choose to listen to them. That is what makes this title so interesting. The freedom of choice. Based on how you initially build your character and how you choose to interact with others, you game can go very differently.

You could choose to be very passive and just talk your way through everything without harming a hair on a person’s head along the way. Or you could just slaughter everyone in your path and take what you want when you want, it’s completely up to you. Or you can simply sneak on by everyone and get to where you need to be, all are viable options. Not only does it keep things interesting, It makes for tons or replayability.

I will say if you are trying for story and not doing the full on blow em away, like fallout games of the past, there is plenty of interesting conversation to be had and decisions you make while in them are impactful. What you choose at one point in your journey can, and will, rear its head again in the future.

Not only is there a faction reputation system keeping track of who likes you and who doesn’t, but that system matters because it impacts vendor prices and how people react to you in different areas.

There are skill trees for yourself and your companions as well as some light crafting and trading to be done, but nothing too deep. Also, if you choose to do it, some side quests to poke around for some special weapons, but sadly in the end these science weapons did not seem worth the effort once I got them.

An interesting thing with your skill tree is a new item called faults. Basically have an issue enough and you can trade a new weakness for a perk point. This is comes along with a not so new time slowing system which is very much like Fallout’s VATS.

On the Plus Side

  • Lots of replayability
  • Entertaining story
  • How things go is really up to you

The Negatives

  • Inventory is meh
  • "Crafting" system is really unnessicary

This game was entertaining and even though I squeezed close to 60 hours out of it, it still ended too soon. 

Was it fun?: 
Like Fallout? Like outer space? Enjoy funny things? This is for you.