PS Plus Free Games for February 2020

It's a good month for Plus members, espescially if you own a PSVR.

We'll kick things off there. Finally PSVR owners are getting some love with the inclusion of Firewall Zero Hour. This is a multiplayer shooter that can be played by up to 4 people. If you have the PSVR Aim controller you can also use that with this title which is extra nice.

Next on the list is The Sims 4. Normally a PC title so free is not a bad way to try it out on your console.

Finally we have BioShock: The Collection. This includes the original, the sequal and Infinite. So, really 3 games in one. (I presonally bought all 3 as soon as they were released and can tell you this is more than worth FREE). Not only are you getting all 3 games, but all their DLC as well.

So this month you are really getting 5 games, not the 2 we have been. So log in and claim them!