Like stealth games? Play Dishonored 2

Dishonored 2

With the release of the gameplay trailer for Dishonored: Death Of The Outsider I wanted to put up my review for Dishonored 2 since the games share characters. I will also say that I am currently playing this game a second time as my first play through was done for stealth (as I always shoot for the stealthy approach if I can). While run number two is an attempt to be as bloody and violent as possible (something I actually almost never do if I can avoid it).

The Basics

The game picks up more than a decade after the end of the original Dishonored and after the opening events that throw the once peaceful land into disarray you are given the choice to play as either Emily or her father Corvo (from the original game). I chose Emily as she has a whole new set of powers that become available while Corvo’s are pretty much the same.

Instead of taking place in Dunwall where the first game did, this one takes you to Karnaca. It is much more vibrant and diverse than Dunwall but it is full of a number of the same types of dangers, just with a different twist. Instead of whale oil for power this city uses wind, instead of dealing with rodents you encounter bloodlies and so on.

As you progress through the game the areas actually change up quite a bit forcing you to change up how you play as well. This was a nice thing to run into. You can’t figure out a way to do something and just stick with it because the world will change so you need to change to deal with your surroundings.

Another thing I really liked was that in the different areas were small side quests that were available. You didn’t have to do them, but they added content and each had their own reward and advantages if you took the time to complete them.

Again playing for stealth one of the things I really liked was that I had to investigate and get clues to help me find an alternate way to deal with my targets. It wasn’t just swoop in and kill them. This extra content and level of bonus play was great. You get a lot of extra time at the controller than you would just entering the room and killing a target.

The one thing that was really a let down for me was the crafting system, I was excited at first about being able to tweak my character’s abilities through the bonecharm creation system. Honestly though with ones I found and with the way the system works for you to get the desired powers, it was easier for me to just use the ones I found and spend my runes in other places.

On the Plus Side

  • Magnificent graphics
  • Level design is fantastic
  • When they say stealth is available they mean it
  • Levels change up quite a bit
  • Side quests
  • Cool ways to kill your target

The Negatives

  • Some safes and areas are extra difficult if you are trying to be stealthy
  • Crafting is meh

In the end the story reminds me a lot of the first game. Someone steals the throne, we need to take it back, we overthrow a bunch of people to get to the big person so we can get it back. The process to do that however is fun and it is full of stuff to do. Plus it is a game that you can truly play stealth. (I have both the Shadow and Clean Hands trophies for finishing the game without being seen and without killing anyone)

No rating
No rating
Was it fun?: 
A fun game with lots to collect and do. If you want to be stealth this is for you, if you like to get right in and tear it up and kill away, this is for you too.