Teammate killing to end in Friday the 13th

Chad Friday the 13th

Although the main idea behind the Friday the 13th game is for Jason to kill the counselors and for the counselors to escape; it is possible for the counselors to kill each other. This will soon be coming to an end.

The developers say they included this feature in the game to “promote life-or-death experiences into each and every game you play”. However just like every other video game feature, the players have not been using the feature as the designers have intended.

Instead teammate killing has been used for griefing, trolling, and the despised assisting of Jason. For these reasons Gun Media said in this Reddit post that they will be removing teammate killing in the next patch.

There are still a few ways you can be on the same team and injure one another though; cars and traps. Bear traps will hurt your fellow counselors but if they do kill them no XP penalty for you (I now awat the creative killing of one another with traps to start) and cars can kill each other but only because they don’t want griefing to happen with the blocking of vehicles from escaping by people standing in front of cars.

If you really must get your deathmatch on in Friday the 13th, all is not lost for you. Gun says that teammate killing will still be active in private matches. I guess they believe that if you know each other well enough to team up and play then you are cool with putting your virtual lives in one another’s hands.

I now await the complaints of how things are awful without teammate killing and the new horrible things players are doing to one another.