We’re Back

We're Back

So after a little time away we have returned to inform and hopefully slightly entertain you. Let me also apologize if you were hoping for the South Park: The Fractured But Whole series to complete, because that is probably not going to happen. While there is footage of the game all the way through, the time needed to edit, provide commentary, and finalize the content just isn’t there. I have discovered that in order to do a Let’s Play right, the amount of time needed is unbelievable. So that is where it is. Perhaps if I am on vacation and very bored it may appear someday, but that will be at a time when you probably don’t care about it anymore.

Along that same line, because of the time and effort needed, there will be no Let’s Plays. Reviews, opinions, perhaps some information, that’s it. Arthritic Joystick really is middle aged, full time employed. Gaming and media use is for fun and this is a little pet project for fun as well. Making a Let’s Play would turn this into work. Nobody wants to make themselves do extra work on purpose!

So, hopefully you’re happy we’re back, we certainly are. Not everything to be reviewed coming up will be new. That’s because we’re very excited about all the free stuff we’ve been able to play as members of both Twitch and Amazon Prime. Those freebies have been fun, and we’ll let you know what’s worth your time (part of why we’ve been away for a while).