Watch Dogs Legion - Should You Hack Away All Your Free Time With This Game?

Watch Dogs Legion

We’ll start off by saying, we were excited to head to London for this third installment in the Watch Dogs series having been fans of the first two. Sadly, when we arrived, we were kinda disappointed when we discovered that the connections between this title and the first two games are few and far between.

Destroy All Humans! - Is Invading Earth Actually Worth You Free Time?

Destroy All Humans

The plot of this game is simple, you are Cryptosporidium 137 an alien clone from the planet Furon, and you have come to Earth because Cryptosporidium 136, the previous version of you has crash landed there. Your job, find your clone, recover any lost technology, oh and it seems you can mine humans for Furon DNA because due to some previous events long ago, humans contain pure Furon DNA. I’ll let you play the game to find out how and why.