Ethics and transparency policy

Arthritic Joystick is basically just a strange experiment by some old(er) gamers, hence the name. We are not here for any tomfoolery of you but more with you.

Our Reviews

The reviews on here are strictly our own opinions of things. We have not been paid to say things about a product or service in a certain way. If we were provided something for free to review it we would tell you. We simply have experience not only using these things, but also creating a lot of it over the years, so we want to share our opinions on it.


We are human, we will get things wrong from time to time. When we do we will do our best to fix it as soon as we can. Please let us know if you spot something so we can get on that!

Product Samples for Reviews

Some sites get games or other product samples from manufacturers for review. Currently we don't receive such items. If ever such a time happens, we will not accept anything on the precondition that we will review something simply because we got a sample. (DrkEnforcer tested games for a while and looking for bugs in Barbie almost drove him crazy, never again). Most of what we review has been purchased by us (we buy a lot of games) and we have actually played it because we want to.