Privacy Policy

Not a whole lot to worry about here. We will never sell your email address, or share it with with anyone. We don't send emails so there's no worries about spam. Also, we don't sell anything so we won't be asking for credit card information or anything like that either.

In the end all you're really gonna give us is an email address, a username, and a password. We suggest you don't use the same ones you use other places (just like everybody else says too) and you should be all set!

We gotta give you more though, so here goes....

Financial Information

We don't do any e-commerce or host any financial information. If something happens on our site asking you for your financial information, it isn't us.

Your personal information

We are committed to keeping the few things we do ask for private. We do not collect information that will identify you; name, address, telephone number. For advertising purposes however we will collect information through the use of cookies.


We do not sell our own ads. Advertising is handled through third-party advertising companies. These companies sell our ads and collect information about our users.