Really Mafia 3, WTF?

I had a lot of fun playing Mafia 3 until stuff like this started to happen. I was actually in the middle of a mission when out of nowhere my vehicle disappears and when it does I automatically fire my weapon. That puts me on alert with the police screwing up my mission. I will say I finished the game but I did not go for trophies or play any DLC with all the issues this game has.

Mafia 3 long sweet sniper shot

Mafia 3 kill paulie

This is a great long sweet sniper shot to finish a mission and avoid a ton of headache. They want to fight your way through a bunch of guys to get to the boss but as you can see, with a well-placed vehicle and a bit of patience, mission complete with no headache!

Keep it simple in Mafia 3

Kill Frank Pagani

Besides trying to play stealthy, I have to be honest, I hate the forced long drawn out chases in some games. Mafia 3 has a lot of them too. Luckily for me, I figured out that with a little pre-planning, a lot of stealthiness, and some good timing you can easily skip right by the need for the chase.

Easter Egg?

Kinky stuff in Far Cry Primal

While out scouting with my owl in Far Cry Primal I came across a little something unexpected. It looks to me like some of the natives are more than restless; it really looks like they are getting busy! That's just me though, you judge for yourself.